Amy Hoffmann

Amy Hoffmann

Executive Assistant

With a degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from Purdue University,
Amy Hoffmann has spent the last decade learning the intricacies of the insurance business by managing a multitude of jobs and assignments as an administrative manager for a Fortune 500 company in the Insurance and financial services industry.

Committed and passionate about understanding not just the insurance industry, but also the inner workings of a business, Ms. Hoffmann has worked in the marketing, sales, operations and executive departments.  Further, she has completed all licensing requirements and is certified in all lines of insurance, including banking certification.

Adept at managing people, information, technology and events, Ms. Hoffmann fulfills a critical role at National Private Client Group, supporting the company’s president in meeting the needs of the firm’s clients.  Her all around business knowledge, combined with her technical and people skills, makes her an invaluable resource to the company and its clients.