How it Benefits You

Self-Empowered Banking to Build Wealth, Reduce Debt, and Lower Taxes

Every person should be fully engaged in two businesses — your occupation and banking.

Banking involves the creation and maintenance of a pool of money, and its potential use,
better known as financing.

When a personal banking system, with its ability to finance, is combined with an investment system, the combination of the two will always out perform a stand-alone investment system.

When the banking system combines reduced tax liability with a financing engine, giving you complete control over your investments, there appears to be no system capable of generating wealth with as much consistency or speed.

This is the power of the Self-Empowered Bankingsm in action.

It’s About Self-Financing

Self-Empowered Banking is not about investing, it is about financing — and financing is about how much you are giving away to somebody else. Financing is a process not a product. You finance everything you buy. You either pay interest to a lender, or you pay cash, and give up interest you could have otherwise earned.

Have you ever wondered …

  • Why your credit card rates are as high as they are?
  • Why markets are greatly dependent on banks?
  • Why there are two different rates, the one they pay to you
    in interest, and the high one you pay them for your loans?
  • Why banks make more on your money than you do?
  • Why the banks own all the grandest buildings?

Imagine having these benefits:

  • Create your own bank then borrow against those funds to create
    money as you use money, just as a traditional bank does
  • Make yourself a loan for whatever you need, and then pay
    yourself the principal and interest another bank would have received.
  • Recover the interest expenses you pay to finance major purchases
    like cars, houses, equipment, etc.
  • Recover the “lost fortune” of money you needlessly give to
    financial institutions in interest and finance charges.
  • Reduce the amount of taxes your currently pay.

Self-Empowered Banking gives you this kind of control. It combines a powerful banking and financing engine, one you may already own, with a tax-free component to create wealth with consistency and speed.

Want more control over your hard-earned money? You can take control NOW with Self-Empowered Banking by calling or emailing Julie Ann Hepburn at 312.957.9400 x403.