Julie Ann Hepburn

Building Wealth: About Julie Ann Hepburn

Julie Ann Hepburn, is a Private Banking Expert and Financial Coach.  She is the founder and principal of National Private Client Group, LLC , a Chicago based financial consulting group. Ms. Hepburn is a licensed finance professional, and serves as an agent and consultant for several major mutual insurance carriers.

After more than six years working in the traditional employee benefits, estate and investment planning arena for clients, Ms. Hepburn discovered a better way to help people build wealth and become financially self-empowered.

With that as her mission, in 1999, she began to teach individuals and companies how to leverage the money they earn by helping them to create their own personal banking system.

In teaching her clients how to use the same principles that banks and institutions use to make money, Ms. Hepburn put total control of her clients’ earnings back in their hands.

Ms. Hepburn’s method, the Self Empowered Banking Systemsm provides several additional benefits, which include:

  • Redirecting the flow of financing costs back to the individual or company.
  • Maximizing access to, and liquidity and control of capital.
  • Creating a natural hedge against inflation.
  • Eliminating nearly all risk.

The Self Empowered Banking System can be used to finance everything from real estate and commercial equipment to vehicles, private loans, college education funding, retirement funding alternatives and even additional tax benefits.

Ms. Hepburn is passionate in working with her clients in order to help them understand the wealth-creating benefits of redirecting the costs associated with financing their lives and businesses back to themselves.

The fear factor in investing has skyrocketed as a result of increased market volatility, lack of capital reserves, overall decrease in consumer confidence and rising unemployment.

The ability of the Self Empowered Banking System to provide safe and calculated results, while reducing or eliminating risk to achieve the same or better results than conventional thinking and planning, is a proven formula for creating wealth.  This alone has made NPCG and Ms. Hepburn in particularly higher demand since early 2007.

Ms. Hepburn believes that the recent economic volatility is creating a new consumer – one that is increasingly cautious and is listening, looking and learning.

She finds her prospective clients are more willing to explore and become more knowledgeable so that they are in better control of their financial environment.

Right now is a perfect opportunity to educate and coach those interested in understanding and utilizing the Self Empowered Banking System to build wealth now and for the future.
Ms. Hepburn regularly speaks in venues around the country, and holds regular web conferences to share new ideas and case studies on how clients are utilizing their private banking systems.  She is available to speak to private groups upon request.

Contact her at 312.957.9400 or at info@nationalprivate.com.