Pulse on the Market Place – May 2014 LMR

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Great update from the Lara Murphy Report (LMR) as usual. This month we’re particularly interested in the Pulse, as well as Bob Murphy’s complete review of Thomas Piketty’s book, Capital In the 21st Century, which is flying off bookshelves around the world. We’ll have this for you so be sure and come back in a few days […]

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Night of Clarity – Make your plans to attend now! Get $200 Fee Reduction Bonus through NPCG

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Early warning! Mark your calendars now … … for August 15th & 16th in Nashville, TN. We encourage each of you to put the Night of Clarity on your calendar as a must attend event. Registration is now open. With busy summer schedules – we recommend you begin planning now and get registered. Review the […]

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Camp Tax Code Reform: What Senators & Representatives Are Saying

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As most of you know, there is quite a bit of concern throughout the life insurance industry about the proposed reform to the Tax Code. On May 6, the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting AALU) met with members of Congress to make certain the concerns of the industry, and those who use life insurance as […]

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Camp Tax Code Reform Proposal

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Today, many of you received our recent e-news Building Wealth with some information about the Camp Tax Code Reform Proposal. We’re not going to re-hash that information here and you should know how this proposed tax code reform could affect you, your family and your business if you own one.  You can read our thoughts […]

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Great Reminder – Leadership is not always easy… Or What You Think!

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BE AWARE! Moral Hazard is alive and well … and it’s after your money …

Mar 21, 2014 2 Comments by

Think Moral Hazard — Don’t be surprised! You have been warned! Sadly, it’s the unrealistic expectations, originated out of the dot com bust, which have given rise to these ridiculous, “too good to be true” results, which shockingly, turn out to surprise consumers when the same insane actions plague them. I say it in each […]

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Pulse on the Marketplace – LMR Recap of February 2014

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I always feel the Austrian Economic perspective is helpful as we all hear every day from the “talking heads” in the mainstream media all parroting the same responses. Of course for them, the objective is viewership, regardless of how accurate the information. The Lara Murphy Report (LMR) is often where I go to secure a […]

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The High Price of Delaying the Default – Mises

Feb 26, 2014 2 Comments by

I found this article from the Ludwig von Mises Institute explains very succinctly, the unsustainable reality facing us today. The  inflation and credit expansion needs to be understood! Knowledge is power and if you know what is happening – you will know what to do… I invite your thoughts… Credit is a wonderful tool that […]

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How Self-Empowered Banking Benefits You…

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Every person should be fully engaged in two businesses — your occupation and banking. Banking involves the creation and maintenance of a pool of money, and its potential use, better known as financing. When a personal banking system, with its ability to finance, is combined with an investment system, the combination of the two will […]

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Building Wealth: About Julie Ann Hepburn

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Julie Ann Hepburn, is a Private Banking Expert and Financial Coach.  She is the founder and principal of National Private Client Group, LLC , a Chicago based financial consulting group. Ms. Hepburn is a licensed finance professional, and serves as an agent and consultant for several major mutual insurance carriers. After more than six years […]

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